Well Together

A Wellness Accountability
& Support Program

Do you need reminders to find balance and permission to fill your own cup?

Are you looking to set and achieve your health and wellness goals this New Year 2021?

Would you like to build your support network?

Joining Well Together can help and best of all, there is no cost to participate in this program!

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This free, carefully crafted program will help you to:

1) obtain an accountability partner
get matched to another person who shares similar areas of concern meet 1:1 with your partner to design a personal action plan by setting individualized SMART goals and motivating each other to succeed.
What are SMART goals?
Specific (outcome determined)
Measurable (criteria to get there)
Attainable (personal beliefs and environment supports this)
Relevant (appropriate step toward outcome)
Time-Bound (set deadline to achieve)

2) be part of a wellness community platform
learn information about science-based nutrition and a variety of lifestyle strategies to achieve a healthier you.earn incentives like virtual currency or ranking points for participating in the community which can be redeemed for personalized services if desired. The more committed you are, the more rewarded you will be.
What is science-based nutrition?

3) receive general guidance on health and wellness
join one free monthly group call to ask questions about certain focus areas of your interest obtain evidence-based articles, resources, and handouts that are relevant to your concerns to share with your medical provider(s)upgrade at any time for personalized suggestions for meal planning, targeted nutrition protocols, nutritional biomarker analysis, and therapeutic-grade supplementation only when necessary and approved by your medical provider.
What are nutritional biomarkers?
These are nutrients assessed during routine and problem-specific lab testing that give insight into your personal biochemistry. Supplementation should only occur under guidance of a professional when metabolic markers are flagged or true nutritional deficiencies / toxicity exists (i.e heavy metals). Since supplements can be purchased over the counter, many people tend to under/over supplement or use them improperly which can cause more harm than good. Supplements can also interact with prescribed medications. Most supplements are not regulated by the FDA and quality sourcing should be prioritized to avoid fillers and contaminants. Amazon is NOT recommended since sellers can vary and supplements may have been stored improperly or tampered with.
On the other hand, effective mineral & nutrient balancing occurs through a targeted whole food approach and the majority of people can benefit from this for health boosting effects when supplementation is not warranted.
Participants of this program will receive a 15% discount on whole food supplements via a trusted practitioner dispensary. However, this is optional and absolutely no purchase is necessary.

Please note: there will be NO toleration of MLM sales, marketing, or self-promotion of any kind among members. Failure to comply will result in removal from the program. There will be no obligation to buy anything. This community will be a pressure FREE zone. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Professional Credentials & Degrees:
CT licensed medical provider since August 2012, Master’s in Occupational Therapy (Bay Path College)Nutritional consultant, pending board certification as a nutrition specialist (passed exam August 2020, currently completing 1,000 clinical supervision hours), Post-Master’s Certificate in Integrative Health & Nutrition (Maryland University of Integrative Health)
Graduate Coursework Highlights:
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology (for exercise / rehabilitation programs)Clinical Nutrition based on work of Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Herbal MedicineDigestive Health Coaching in the Helping ProfessionBiostatistics and Research
Specialties, Trainings, & Accomplishments:
Adult Rehabilitation, Geriatrics, Mental Health, Early Intervention / Pediatrics (OT Fieldwork, Clinical) Coaching (Grad, Sheldon & Rush, Right Brain Academy) Nutritional Genomics (American Nutrition Association- in progress post-grad)AOTA national conference presenter for research on stress and sleep Self-published author of a children’s mindfulness adventure book, Bee Free


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If you decide to opt out of the Well Together program, follow the prompts to decline enrollment and your email will be completely removed.


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